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Foam Types


One component can foam is an economical and effective insulating and sealing expanding polyurethane foam. Designed for sealing cracks, seams and smaller gaps, it will eliminate drafts, block insects, deaden sound and repel moisture.

Can foam expands to 2-3 times the original size of the dispensed bead and cures by reacting with the moisture (humidity) present in the air when it is dispensed. This polyurethane foam takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to cure in 50% relative humidity. While air sealing is the primary use for these materials, they also insulate with R-values (aged) in the 3.5 to 5 inch range.


Two-component polyurethane foams (or froth foam units) come in separate containers, one for each component, and tanks operate conveniently from an upright position. Two-Component Standard Foams are ideal for Insulating and Sealing jobs that require a product designed for spray application over large surface areas or for filling large voids and gaps. Two-Component Foam is a chemically cured foam system. Each Foam pack includes both an “A” & “B” component. Dispensed through the included dispensing tool, the foam “A” and its curing agent “B” are mixed at the nozzle and cure much more quickly than One-Component Foams.

Fast chemical curing results in a higher expansion ratio for two-component polyurethane foams. This makes them suitable for spray-on applications and for filing holes and cavities. They have an R-value (aged) of approximately 6.0 per inch.

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